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Enormous Lash is one of the best beauty products I've ever used - worth every penny and then some. My lashes were ok, but not as dark or as long as I wanted. Within a week, I noticed a difference when I was putting on my eye makeup. My lashes were already darker and longer! After 21 days they looked amazing -- even without any makeup. I would recommend this product to anyone -- it is sooo worth it!
- Samantha

I think sometimes we think if a little is good a lot is even better,
but definitely not the case with Enormous Lash or, for that matter, any Beauty Society’s products. A little goes a long way. I thought the same thing too about my lashes after 21 days. But now I look in the mirror and I think "holy cow...where did these lashes come from?!!" My niece has Trichotillomania (hair puller) and had completely pulled out her eyelashes and most of her eyebrows. She has been using Enormous Lash for 3 weeks and is having AMAZING results and it has been incentive for her - seeing the results in such a short time frame. Her before and after pics should be amazing!
- Lisa