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The first time I really ‘sat up’ and noticed my wife’s new eyelashes, was when from the side they looked like they were touching her eyebrows. I asked her what she was doing and she responded that it was due to a new product called Enormous Lash. My wife’s eyes were already beautiful, and I don't know what’s in that product… but now they look like starbursts! Even my buddies on our softball team are making comments about how different she looks. I asked her to ‘tone down’ it down a bit, but she seems really happy - so why rock the boat. Thanks again.
- Jeff

When you hear that a product will make your lashes fuller, longer, etc., a human characteristic is to turn and go the other way. I have been in the beauty business for years, and was still hesitant to try this product. However, I finally purchased one and started using it. About a couple of week into this use, I was putting on my mascara and immediately noticed my lashes were fuller, longer and where I had lost some lashes on the bottom of my left eye, new growth was starting in the empty area! I was shocked! I would never have believed this from anyone. Further this past Saturday, I was walking through Neiman Marcus and a sales clerk stopped me to comment on my long lashes. Boy, did I have a story for her! ENORMOUS LASH is the best!
- Ann
Truthfully, I was a teensy weensy bit skeptical that Enormous Lash would actually live up to the hype and promises. Because my lashes were marginal at best, I really wanted the product to work, but never dreamed it would actually go beyond my expectations! My results were not immediate, but slow and steady. Now, after three months of use, my lashes are MUCH, MUCH thicker and longer. Friends are noticing, and my husband has complimented my lashes on many occasions, unsolicited! I feel that my eyes are more beautiful, because they are framed by my gorgeous, lush, eyelashes. I love Enormous Lash, and am a huge fan of the product, and of course, Beauty Society.
- Terri