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Wow! I am sexy at 60! Thank you Thank You Thank You! I love my long flirty eyelashes!
- Else

Thank you for this wonderful product. After my last chemo my lashes and eyebrows fell out. This was worse than my hair falling out. I was at the point of ordering the $160 product when I recieved your email about enormous lash. I ordered it and within a month my lashes look like they did when I was in my twenties. I am in my fifties. Thank you for helping me feel good about the way I look. Now I am a beautiful cancer surviver.
- Nancie

I just can't sing enough praises of your new product "Enormous Lash". I tried Jan Marini's product, but it not only irritated my eyes but it also made my eyelids red and swollen. "Enormous Lash" is very easy to use and I have had absolutely no adverse reaction. The result is just fabulous lashes, so thank you for creating such a wonderful product. Please let Jeannie know she has stumbled on to something great. Her new cosmetic line "Beauty Society" is absolutely fantastic. Be Beautiful!!
- Ingeborg
I have been "waiting" for the irritation that I assumed I would get from using Enormous Lash every night… Well, it hasn't happened and I have been using it for eight nights in a row now...YEAH! I have super sensitive eyes...super dry too....and I am SO thrilled to be able to continue using Enormous Lash and to watch my lashes getting longer!!! I can see a difference, and I know everyone else will notice pretty soon! Thank you for continuing to provide us with products that go above and beyond!
- Heather

My Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year in September. We have gone through lots of ups & downs - she went through chemo - radiation and lost her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. My mother felt very emotional- which we all can understand. I am blessed to say, my mother has been cancer free for a year now and because of Enormous Lash she has amazing long eyebrows & eyelashes that she can show off!! Thanks Beauty Society!
- Nanci